The word "Discovery" means different things to different people. To me, it means travel - into musical as well as geographical passages - all voyages with a keen desire to discover.

On this website, you'll find out more about my music-making, and my life as a pianist and some places it has been my pleasure to provide music - all part of an ongoing journey.

I hope you enjoy - and travel - with me on this site.

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Recent News

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Romero Returns with Ravel and Rachmaninoff

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Black and white keys, in full color

A review by Mike Greenberg on Mr. Romero's recent performance in San Antonio.

About Gustavo Romero

A Pianist of Genius - The Washington Post

Mexican-American pianist Gustavo Romero has a stellar reputation for both the technical brilliance and interpretive depth of his playing, as well as his commitment to in-depth exploration of individual composers.

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In 2012 the Snapshots Foundation began working with Gustavo Romero to create a definitive documentary film on his life ande music. After the project was completed on DVD, an opportunity was presented to share Gustavo's story with a wider audience through television.

Today we are reaching out to Gustavo Romero's fans to share a special campaign to bring Gustavo's story to an international television audience with your support.

Through the campaign new shoots, concert footage and a re-cut for a television audiences will be created and submitted for broadcasting internationally.

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Next Performance

May, 2015

Chopin in China & Korea

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Gustavo Romero's CDs featuring the music of Beethoven, Chopin, Mompou and more can be purchased online now! Click Here for More Information...

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